Welcome to the Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Wedgefield is a Friendly and Peaceful Golf, Equestrian Community located in Orlando Florida. The Beauty of Wedgefield is it's laid back environment where golf carts and horses are used for transportation almost as much as cars.

The Wedgefield community is diverse in both age and culture and offers a great atmosphere for enjoying the natural beauty and great weather of Central Florida.

We encourage you to visit Wedgefield and have lunch at the Club House and get to know some of the people that call Wedgefield Home.

Our Next General Meeting is on Wednesday, April 9 at 7:00 PM at the Wedgefield Golf and Country Club. We will be voting on the Amendments to the Bylaws, we hope that you will be able to attend the meeting.

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Notice of Special Meeting

Amendments to WHOA By-Laws

7:00 PM Wednesday

April 9, 2014


Click Here of Details

Save the Date




April 12, 2014

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Children's Safety Village
910 Fairvilla Road
Orlando, FL 32808

No Fee to Participate! Register to save your child's spot:




Wedgefield annual car show and chili cook off


Chili Cook Off Winners  Car Show Winners

First Place:
Steve Bashore with his "Kitchen Sink" chili recipe.

Second Place:
Bart Byrd with his "Fully Involved" chili recipe.

Third Place:
Mike Moss with his "Two Hearts" chili recipe.

Best Named Chile:
KITCHEN SINK by Steve Bashore

First Place:

Kenny Crites with his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Second Place:

Jim Miner with his 1968 Ford Mustang

Third Place:

Richard Harris with a 1935 Ford Coupe


Peoples Choice Trophy:

Kenny Crites and 1969 Camaro


Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Rules and Restrictions


Section 1.7 "Member"- shall mean and refer to an individual who (a) owns or leases a Lot
in the Properties; and (b) who has applied for membership in the Association; and (c) paid the
annual dues; and (d) is otherwise in good financial standing with the Corporation.


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Neighborhood Classifieds


Looking for a babysitter or mothers helper

If anyone is interested in hiring a responsible 13 year old as a mothers helper or babysitter please let me know. My daughter Kelsey is great with kids :-). Give us a call 407 312 4162.

Interior Designer now at Lowe's

Your neighborhood Lowe's no offers free interior design services for your home remodel projects. We team with a degreed Interior Designer and General Contractor to complete your remodel project from start to finish. Call Penny Stanley today for your consultation. 407-739-4855

Math Tutoring & Test Prep

SAT ACT GMAT Test Prep and Math Tutoring. 15+ years...all levels. Call Elizabeth 407-928-1111

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Lost and Found


Found Dog

March 26, 2014

I brought the dog by Your Family Vet at 730 this morning to see if they recognized her or if she had a microchip. She did not but they kept her so that is who anyone should contact about her. 4075689663



We found a very undernourished puppy. We brought him in & have fed him. We feel he must have been lost for some time due to his appetite & size. Please list him in the lost & found. Have someone contact us at 321.332.4198 (Anita)

If they can describe him & his collar, we will be happy to give him back to his owner. He seems very afraid & would love to go home.


Bayanihan at Wedgefield

April Article


A general meeting was held on March 22 at the Obleada’s residence to elect the 2014 officers and discuss the organizations activities and events.




Election of Officers 2014


President:                  Jonathan Toves

Vice President:            Victor Alzona

Secretary:                 Alvaro Saldana

Treasurer:                  Robyn Tobillo

PRO:                          Alex Alzona

Auditor:                      Open Position


Advisory Council:  Tess Obleada, Philip Mahoney, and Jhayne Santucci


Congratulations to the newly elected Bayanihan at Wedgefield Officers. Induction of officers is tentatively set for April 20, 2014.

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Note from the President

Our membership this year is still growing faster than it has in years past. We are currently ending the third month of our membership drive and we are already at the 230 mark and growing weekly. I’m optimistic that this may be one of our best years ever! I’ll keep saying this because I’m convinced that it works… We need you, our members, to get the word out to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to join and get involved. With your commitment and support we can really make things happen within our community.


LANDSCAPING / MEDIANS & ENTRANCES UPDATE: Effective April 1, 2014, the Ranger Drainage District (RDD) will be responsible for all landscaping of the Wedgefield medians and entrances. This is a huge benefit for the WHOA as we will no longer have to spend money from our budget. We will be able to use the funds to support other events and projects that will benefit our residents.

I want to express my gratitude and thanks to RDD General Manager Cecil Davis, Office Manager Dawn Mullins and to Supervisors David Mauck, Mike Nolan, Gus Desautels and the RDD engineering and legal support staff that researched the feasibility of taking on this project AND voted to do it.

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Positive Words

My Thanksgiving Feast

As I feasted during Thanksgiving dinner, I was faced with the knowledge that others may not be as fortunate as I am. I know that there are people within my own 32833 zip code that may not have the means to nourish their bodies with a daily meal, yet alone a thanksgiving dinner. And there are others who do not have shelter to protect themselves during the cold of the night and call the open streets their home.

As I continued to feast fully knowing that half way around the world at the country of my birth, the Philippines, there were hundreds of thousands of displaced people living in make shift tents, waiting for days without food and water thanks to the most powerful natural disaster recorded to happen; Typhoon Haiyan.

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Neighborhood Watch

Each Month Neighborhood Watch Information will continue to be published in an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters.


During the last half of FEBRUARY to Present date of MARCH 15, 2014 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports there were TWO reported AUTO BURGLARIES, ONE in the 2700 Block of BABBITT and ONE in the 20000 Block of QUARTERLY. There also TWO reported RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES, ONE in the 6100 Block of BANCROFT and ONE in the 20600 Block of MAJESTIC.


We continue our usual average of 2 residential burglaries and a couple auto burglaries every 30 days. Given the fact that we have over 2,800 homes and over 6,500 residents I guess that is not too bad as long as you are not one of the victims. This type of thinking has no place here in Wedgefield. We need to do all the things needed to eliminate even one theft.


With that in mind Orange County Sheriff’s office has put out information that encourages Neighborhood Watch working together with them To stop Crime in its tracks... “Make it a Habit!” Bag it!


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Citizens On Patrol

Protect Yourself from Online Tax Scams


Tax season is in full swing and criminals are seizing the opportunity for scams. Because of the recent major data breaches we’ve seen in the past few months, which exposed sensitive information on a large scale, we should be even more vigilant about taking steps to minimize our risk of ID theft and other online-related crime. In 2011, approximately 1.1 million tax returns were possibly filed fraudulently. This equates to roughly $3.6 billion*.  Don’t become the next victim.


Scammers leverage every means at their disposal to separate you from your money, your identity, or anything else of value they can get. They may offer seemingly legitimate “tax services” designed to steal your identity and your tax refund, sometimes with the lure of bigger write-offs or refunds. Scams may include mocked up websites and tax forms that look like they belong to the IRS to trick you into providing your personal information.


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Calling All Green Thumbs


Our March 6th meeting was well attended. Our presenter, Carmen Mercado, used her teaching skills to put on a great presentation about Green Houses. She showed a variety that started at under $100. One member noted that Tractor Supply has one that is affordable. Thanks to Carmen for this informative presentation!


Coming up on April 3rd, we will look forward to a presentation from Rosemary Wolfe. She will be researching the Christmas cactus and will give us the benefit of her research. Come out and join us for this presentation! We meet the first Thursday of the Month at the Country Club. We meet at 11:00 and usually stay over for lunch, which the Country Club prepares.


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Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month Program - Voting began in April, during the first week of the month. Judging will be done by 3 people on a criteria of the best yards viewed and voted on during the viewing time. A yard sign will be awarded to the winning yard. That sign will be picked up and presented to the next month's winner.


November Yard of the Month


The winning Yard of the Month of the Green Thumb Garden Club is John and Lily Schmidbauer who planned their landscape at 19437 Sheldon. Their yard is beautifully landscaped with many mums, vinca, roses and plumeria for color. Many palms are on the property such as Canary Island Date Palms, other date palms, Washingtonian Palm and a small Magnolia. Their date palms were raised from seed! The lawn is dark green, well manicured and weed free.


John and Lily have lived in Wedgefield for eight years. Their home was built by Wedgefield resident Rob Goderis. They came to Orlando from Miramar in S. Florida. They used to own a Landscaping business, now their business is "Data Experts", anything to do with data.


Many yards were viewed this month in the area Reynolds to Starry and Bancroft to Dallas. When you are out to see the Schmidbauer yard, we hope you also take time to note other beautiful yards in our community, especially the Schmidbauer neighbor at 19115 Sheldon. This is the last month for judging Yard of the Month. We will start again to award a homeowner with the honor of Yard of the Month in April 2014.




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Firewise Communities


Wedgefield has been a Firewise Community since 2001. One of 7 communities nationwide chosen in 2000 to participate in a pilot program, currently there are over 950 communities in the program. The mission of Wedgefield Firewise Community is the education of Florida residents regarding wildfires and the ways they can protect their properties and how to reduce fuels. Each resident must take responsibility for protecting their family and property during an emergency as the professionals cannot protect everyone. To help Wedgefield residents learn about this, we sponsor workshops and events.


Saturday, May 3rd is national Wildfire Preparedness Day and we will have a FREE workshop to help you learn more about wildfires and protecting your property. This workshop will be held at the Wedgefield Country Club, starting at 10:30 AM. All materials and refreshments will be provided at no charge to participants. We would appreciate it, if you would pre register as seating is limited and to allow us to have sufficient materials on hand. We hope you will join us and learn more about who we are, what plants to use in your landscape and how to make your property Firewise.


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Lunch and Movie


Our lunch and movies group meet every Tuesday for a fun time. There are usually 10 to 14 girls and we dine at different restaurants and see the latest movies.


Last month and in February we dined at "Amigo's Mexican Restaurant", "Logan's", "Giovanni's", "Sonny's", and "T.G.I. Friday's".  The movies we enjoyed were "Frozen Sing-Along", "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit", "The Hunger Games", "Lone Survivor", "Ride Along", "That Awkward Moment", "Labor Day" and "The Monument Men". 


If anyone is interested in joining us contact Jan Berglund (407) 568-3313 or Sylvia Cox (407) 568-2410.


REMEMBER: Friends are family that we meet along the way.


Wedgefield Classy Red Hat Ladies


Our Prayer Group has been in existence for approximately six years. The group consists of Sylvia Cox, Jan Berglund, Joanne Cobbs, Alta Deevers, Connie DeVries, Lillie Douglas, Marilyn Egan, Theresa Jones, Eleanor McGill, Arlinda Phills, Nancy Stickrod, Jean Terry and Rosemary Wolfe.

In January and February our prayers went out to Lou Lasley, Roy Crosby, James McGill, Bill Douglas, Ray Terry, Lynne Lilly, and Bob Cobbs. Some of them were in the hospital, a few were in Rehab and are still there and a few are taking treatments and one has returned home from Rehab. We pray for them, call them, send cards and visit those who would like a visit. I did visit Lou Lasley and Lynne Lilly in the hospital. If you know anyone that needs our prayers, call Sylvia Cox (407) 568-2410.


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Community Emergency Response Team



On Saturday, October 12th, the size of the Wedgefield Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) increased by 10 trained volunteers. The new volunteers assembled in the Wedgefield Park for the final drill to show that they were trained in all aspects of helping the community in the event of a disaster. The duty team from the Wedgefield Fire Station was on hand to watch the drill and offer suggestions. The Instructors and Personnel from the Office of Emergency
Management were also there to observe the drill.

Our team has increased to 40 members, still a relatively small group considering that there are nearly 3,000 homes in Wedgefield. The training we received is priceless but the equipment we need is expensive. Thanks to the hard work of our team at last year's garage sale, individual donations and a small Grant we received from the County, we have purchased 4 large First Aid Kits, 3 Fire Extinguishers, 4 heavy duty Tarps and 8 sets of Walkie Talkie's but we still need 4
large pop up Tents with heavy duty stakes, 4 to 6 more sets of walkie talkies, a couple fold up tables with chairs, blankets, extra batteries for the walkie talkies, strobe lights, stakes for the Tarps, paint, ropes, bottles of water, a people mover (stretcher) and other items.


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Wedgefield K-8 School News

Click on image below to see the

Nov 6th 2013


Click to read presentation

Click on image below to read the

questions and answers made

after the presentation.

Click to read the Questions and Answers

Nov 6th Update: K-8 Wedgefield School for August 2016
by Pamela DiMarzio (pameladimarzio@yahoo.com)


On November 6th, 2013 OCPS held its first community meeting regarding the coming K-8 school to the Wedgefield community. The meeting was held at Corner Lakes Middle School and was well attended.
The slides of the meeting will be posted on the Wedgefield HOA site under the school link.


Here are some quick highlights:
The school will be located between Paddock and Ortega Streets including the one unbuilt lot off Bancroft. The school board also owns another lot off Northcliff that they will keep for a possible future elementary school.


Site due diligence has started since July 2013. Construction Manager will be selected by Jan 2014. Design of the school starts Feb 2014. Construction starts Jan 2015. OCPS moves into the school July 2016.


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Closing on a home, and need an "estoppel" letter?
Please send a request for an estoppel letter, along with a check for $50.00 to:

Rich Mehochko
Director, Wedgefield Homeowners Association
19248 Quarterly PKWY
Orlando, FL  32833

Make the check payable to "Wedgefield Homeowners Association"
Please include all of the pertinent information concerning
the property and the owner on your estoppel form letter.

If you have any concerns or questions of your water/sewer service provider, Pluris Wedgefield
you can contact them at their email address:


Questions about Billing, Customer Service, Notification, etc. should be sent to that address.  Residents are invited to tour the plant and meet the on site personal.  Please send them an email to request a tour.

Click Here For Info On Pluris Wedgefield, Inc.

Click Here for the Annual Quality Water Report

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National Safe Kids Day

April 12, 2014

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