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Wedgefield is a Friendly and Peaceful Golf, Equestrian Community located in Orlando Florida. The Beauty of Wedgefield is it's laid back environment where golf carts and horses are used for transportation almost as much as cars.

The Wedgefield community is diverse in both age and culture and offers a great atmosphere for enjoying the natural beauty and great weather of Central Florida.

We encourage you to visit Wedgefield and have lunch at the Club House and get to know some of the people that call Wedgefield Home.

Our Next General Meeting is on Wednesday, December 9th at 7:00 PM at the Wedgefield Golf and Country Club. Voting for Board of Directors and Officers at this meeting.

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"The views expressed on this website are those of the article authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Wedgefield Homeowners Association, Directors, and Officers."

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town



Santa and Mrs. Claus

Are coming to the Wedgefield Fire Station


3202 Babbittt Avenue

Saturday December 5, 2015

11 AM to 2 PM


Free Refreshments

Free Bounce House for kids to play in

Have your photo taken with Santa at no charge

Fire Station Open House - guided tours


For more info contact:

Mary Prescott at 407-568-7762

Ann Breazzano at 407-568-7528

Hosted by Wedgefield Firewise and the Wedgefield Homeowners Association


Click here for details



The Wedgefield Homeowners Association has been notified of the following by Pirtle Construction Co.

“Underground utility work will begin Monday, November 2, 2015, and run through Mid-March of 2016.  Underground utility work during this period will include work in the following areas:

Bancroft Boulevard from Nettleton Street south to Ortega Street; from the Nettleton Canal south to Ortega Street; Ortega Street from Bancroft east to the Archer Drainage Ditch; Archer Avenue from Maxim Parkway to Marlin Street; Marlin Street from Archer Avenue to Ardon Avenue; Ardon Avenue from Marlin Street to Mansfield Street; Mansfield Street from Ardon Avenue to Ascot Avenue.”



“Pluris Wedgefield crew(s) will be visiting each residence the next few weeks to change out the water meter in conjunction with the AMI Meter Exchange Project. Pluris expects to complete this phase of the project within four weeks. During the water meter exchange there will be a brief disruption of service that will generally last five to ten minutes. After service restoration, customers may experience a small amount of discoloration in their water for a short period of time and possibly air in the water. Please run a tap briefly to rid the homes plumbing of the discolored water and air in the line. Pluris staff will not leave a residence until the customers service has been fully restored.”

Thank you,

Beverly Yopp
Director, Customer Care

Pluris Holdings LLC

Office 813.359.8415 / Fax 910.327.0374

1095 Hwy 210, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460


Wedgefield Fall Festival

Thank You!


Community Events - Photos

Click on Picture to see more



National Night Out

Click on photo to see slide show

Wedgefield Community Day

Click to see all the photos


Wedgefield Children's

Halloween Party

Click to see all the photos of the event

Haunting at the Hamiltons

Click to see all photos



November Specials

Click to learn more about the specials

Click to learn more about the specials

December Specials

Click to learn more about the specials


East River High School is looking for professionals, college students and entrepreneurs from our community. Please give a small amount of your time to make a difference.

Struggling 9th graders would benefit from the positive experience of a mentor, and at East River, our goal is to increase student achievement by offering additional support and intervention. We are looking for retired or non-retired professionals who are available to meet one-on-one and/or in small groups for 15 to 30 minute increments. Mentors are expected to meet with our students on a bi-weekly basis during school hours (7:15 – 2:12).

If you are interested in making a difference in our student’s lives by becoming a mentor, please go to the volunteer link provided and submit a volunteer form. All mentors must be approved by OCPS before they are able to volunteer.


Click here to learn more


November 2, 2015

I have received many inquiries about the new school and would like to share information about the most common question. Are we still on schedule and when will a new Principal be selected? Yes we are on schedule.


Selection of a Principal- When a new school is opened the process is different from when
a principal is selected for an existing school. The position will be advertised after the first
of the year. The Superintendent will select the person that best fits the needs of the K-8 school.


Once the new principal is selected, I will host a Meet and Greet for the community to meet him/her. Soon after members of the community will be able to serve on committees to plan for the opening of the school. The committees will choose the school mascot and school colors. The committee will also be responsible for coming up with three names for the school and allowing community members to indicate their preference. The three names come to the School Board with the survey tally. The final decision on the name is the responsibility of the School Board.

Click here to learn more


Monthly Adopt-A-Tree

Saturday, December 12th  ~ 8am to 12pm

8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836

For further information call 407-254-9200.

This is a FREE program for all Orange County citizens designed to encourage residents to add trees to our environment. Adding trees to the landscape has many long-term benefits. Along with the obvious advantages of shade and beauty, trees provide oxygen, filter pollution, and create habitats for wildlife. In addition, trees replenish our lost tree canopy that has diminished due to storm damage, age, and development. Each county resident must provide proof of residency and will receive up to two trees while supplies last.



Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Rules and Restrictions


Section 4.7 Signs

No signs of any type shall be displayed to public view on the Lots or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of the Association, except the following:

A. One "For Sale" sign or "For Rent" sign per Lot; provided the sign is no larger than two (2) feet by two (2) feet;

B. Political signs are permitted during election periods and must be removed immediately after the election;

C. Builder's signs for models and offices: and

D. Commercial Business signs on vehicles are permitted.


E. Garage Sale Signs, not to exceed three days and must be removed immediately after the event concludes


From the Orange County Code Enforcement Website

llegal Signs


“Private signs may never be placed within the public right-of-ways unless approved by Orange County. Signs may be removed without warning by County workers and those placing such signs are subject to fines. The county picks up over 100,000 signs each year.”


I will specify that the “Save Wedgefield” signs are not considered to be “political signs”.  If you are concerned about the presence of these signs, or any other illegally placed signs, be proactive and take some action.  If it’s your neighbor ask them to remove it.  Call Orange County Code Enforcement (407-836-3111) and report the violation and ask that the signs be removed.  If the signs are on private property call any of the WHOA Directors and report the address so we can take appropriate action.


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Neighborhood Classifieds


Land Clearing Wanted

Wanted cheap quick knock down of brush on Oberly. 300' driveway and about 1.5 acre worth. Nothing fancy or deep. Please call 407-595-5229

Leather living room set

Leather seat and chair excellent condition hardly use cost $2500 selling for $500. Call tom @ 407 761 6739

Wanted Brush Clearing\Bobcat Oberly

Wanted quick and reasonably priced knock back of brush on 200 fee driveway and approx 2 acres of field on Oberly. Not full tight mow or heavy clearing just keeping things at bay. Email felesae@gmail.com to discuss.

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Note from the President

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


I hope all the children enjoyed the Halloween party at the park.  A special thank you goes out to Evelyn Perez for coordinating this fun event.  Also remember that November 14th is the Fall Festival at the park.  I hope you’ll come out to enjoy this annual event and spend some time visiting with friends and neighbors.  I normally enjoy cooking at this event every year but will be out of town this year.  I am looking for at least three volunteers to help with cooking and serving the food.  If you can assist please contact me at 407-492-2095. 


It’s that time of the year when WHOA begins preparations for the election, this year the positions of President, Treasurer and four Directors will be voted on.  The elections will be held at the General Membership meeting on Wednesday December 9, 2015 at the Clubhouse.  All 2015 WHOA members in good standing will be eligible to vote, no memberships will be taken at that meeting.  Several of the current Board members will be running  for re-election and other WHOA members in good standing interested in filling a position should submit their name and a brief bio to Amy Goldie or myself no later than Friday October 30th.  Please see e-mail addresses in the back of the Wedgefield Community News.

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Bayanihan at Wedgefield

Bayanihan - a Filipino word meaning community spirit, cooperation and unity.

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.


We would like to invite you to the following Free Events to learn more about the diverse Asian & Pacific Cultures.


Wednesday, May 6th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm.


Orlando City Hall Rotunda - 400 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801.


Registration for Each Attendee is Required to Attend this Event. This is a FREE Event but due to security and limited space at the City Hall, registration is required to attend. Each person attending must register. If you have guests, you need to register each guest individually for security purposes.


Follow this LINK to RSVP.



Saturday, May 30th from 11 am - 4 pm

Orlando Fashion Square


3201 E Colonial Dr

Orlando, FL 32803


Enjoy cultural entertainment, arts, crafts and Asian Ethnic food featuring China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.




Read April - May Newsletter

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Neighborhood Watch

This Month Neighborhood Watch Information will continue to be published in an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters.

During the last half of OCTOBER to the present date of NOVEMBER 12, 2015 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports not yet reflected in the statistics we have had auto tires slashed at 2 residences in the 2200 block of BABBITT AVENUE. And we had a total of 3 RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES, One in the 19500 block of STARRY ST and One in the 5800 Block of HAMPSHIRE AVE and one in the 19500 block of SOMERSET. We had one report of a pellet gun being shot into an open garage with no damage (not reported) and I had one report of a mail package being opened, contents taken and package returned to the mail box in the 18500 block of MOORGATE. Deputies called but resident was told not their problem call the post office.

We have seen this before but it needs repeating. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies. This tip came from a neighborhood watch coordinator. Next time you come home for the night and you start to put your keys away, think of this: It's a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation. Test it. It will go off from most everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your battery runs down or until you reset it with the button on the key fob chain. It works if you park in your driveway or garage. If your car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into your house, odds are the burglar/rapist won't stick around. After a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the criminal won't want that. And remember to carry your keys while walking to your car in a parking lot. The alarm can work the same way there.

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Citizens On Patrol

Wondering what you can do to prevent from becoming a victim? This month’s article will provide tips for protecting your home.


If you were locked out of your house, would you still be able to get in? Maybe you keep an unlocked window in the back, or a hidden key in your mailbox or on top of a window ledge?


You may think this is a good idea, but guess what? If you can break in, so can a burglar! One out of six homes will be burglarized this year. For a small amount of time and money, you can make your home more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim.



Did you know that in almost half of all completed residential burglaries, thieves simply breezed in through unlocked doors or crawled through unlocked windows.


· Make sure every external door has a sturdy, well installed dead bolt lock. Key-in-the-knob lock alone are not enough.

· Sliding glass doors can offer easy access if they are not properly secured. You can secure them by installing commercially available locks or putting a broomstick or dowel in the inside track to jam the door. To prevent the door being lifted off the track, drill a hole through the sliding door frame and the fixed frame. Then insert a pin in the hole.

· Lock double-hung windows with key locks or “pin” windows by drilling a small hole into a 45 degree angle between the inner and outer frames, then insert a nail that can be removed. Secure basement windows with grilles or grates.

· Instead of hiding keys around the outside of your home, give an extra key to a neighbor you trust.

· When you move into a new house or apartment, rekey the locks.



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Calling All Green Thumbs


The Green Thumb Garden Club of Wedgefield met on 11/5 for an outing to Rockledge Gardens Farm for a program on Hydroponics. Aaron Raines was our instructor and one of the resident farmers at the Farm. Hydroponics is used when there is poor soil or nematodes and uses 1/10 the amount of water in soil culture. A tower system is one of the forms of water culture, it can be expensive, but more affordable if you do it yourself! The medium used can be Vertigrow, plastic pellets coconut fiber, or pine bark which is cheaper but must be finely ground 3/8 of an inch or below. Perlite is not used, as it develops algae. The pesticides and fungicides they use are Copper Fungicide, Insecticidal Soap, Bitanigarde and Neem oil for white fly.



After the program, we went to the Garden's and made our purchases, then met at a pizza parlor near the river, called Ryan's. Rosemary Curtis was the host of the program and she brought garden themed tools, for door prizes. It was a lovely time for all, lovely weather, somewhat hot in the sunshine but we spent most of the time in the shade.


Don't forget our Christmas program which will be at Adelaide Catania's house on Bancroft. Everyone who intends to go, must call 407-568-0282 and RSVP, by November 30th, also let her know what dish you are bringing. Bring a $15 dollar garden themed gift for the gift exchange, if you wish to participate. The date is Thursday the 10th of December, the second Thursday rather than our usual First Thursday.

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Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month Program - Voting began in April, during the first week of the month. Judging will be done by 3 people on a criteria of the best yards viewed and voted on during the viewing time. A yard sign will be awarded to the winning yard. That sign will be picked up and presented to the next month's winner.




November Yard of the Month

November brings our Yard of the Month program to an end until next April.  The outstanding address to visit this month is 2794 Babbitt.  The owners are Carmen and Arthur Brown who have been Wedgefield residents since 2004. They moved from Germany, where Arthur retired from the military.  Looking for warmer weather, they decided on Florida.  Both are avid gardeners and Carmen oversees her yard every day.

And with the results, you will enjoy seeing roses, butterfly bush, vinca, mums, geraniums, cannas, amaryllis, gardenias, azalea, night jasmine, hibiscus and even has time for a vegetable garden.   Their yard must enjoy color all year long!

We enjoyed several other honorable mentions that you will find at the following addresses:  2514 Albion, 20477 Netherland, 20722 Melville and 2731 Abbey.



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Firewise Communities



As we begin the holiday season with decorating the inside and outside of our homes, here are some facts from NFPA’s Fire Analysis and Research Division that should be considered:

Between 2009-2014, U. S. Fire Departments responded to an average of 210 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year.  These fires caused an average of 7 deaths, 19 injuries and $17.5 million in direct property damage annually.

On average one of every 31 reported home fires that began with a Christmas tree resulted in a death, compared to an average of 1 death per 144 total reported home fires.

Electrical problems were factors in 3 out of 10 home Christmas tree structure fires.

Two of every five (39%) home Christmas tree fires started in the living room, family room or den.


We want to thank the community for your support during the year 2015.  We hope that those you attended our workshops and nature walks found them informative and interesting.  Your donations allow us to do these with out a charge.  Thank you to those who have volunteered their time and efforts in helping us during the year.  As we prepare out plans for 2016, we are looking for Wedgefield residents to join our team to help us do even more in the community to educate people about wildfires and preparing for emergencies.   We are not asking for a commitment of attending every meeting but being available to assist as events come up.  We hope you will consider joining us.


Don’t forget that on December 5th, from 11 AM to 2 PM, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at the Wedgefield Fire Station.  Come meet the local firefighters and tour the Fire Station and enjoy free refreshments.

Again, the Firewise team wants to thank you for your support.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary Prescott, Chair


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Lunch and Movie


Every Tuesday 10 to 14 girls meet at local restaurants and attend the latest
movies. Some gals need to run errands so they skip the movies. In October and November we enjoyed “The Little Greek Restaurant”, “Duffy’s”, “Margarita’s”, “Cooper Hawk” and “Bahama Breeze”. The movies we enjoyed were “Sicario”, “The Martian”, “Burnt”, and “Our Brand of Crisis”.

Since I can only attend twice a month due to other obligations (the 2nd & 4th of the month) and Jan comes when she can and Nancy Stickrod attends every Tuesday religiously; it would be best if the new residents contact Nancy by e-mail: nstickrod@att.net. It is a fun loving group and you will enjoy the camaraderie. Thank you – Sylvia

REMEMBER: One day you will be just a memory for some people, do your best to be a Good one!


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Wedgefield Classy Red Hat Ladies


On October 16th 45 Red Hatters descended at the “Blue Heron” restaurant at the Great Outdoors. Nancy Stickrod, Dottie Kaiser and Sylvia Cox were the hostesses. The food was great and the waitresses were top-notch.

We had 2 birthdays, Marilyn Eagen and Martha Bradford. They received a birthday hat, horn and red beads. Joan Smith, Carol Crosby and Bea Christensen won the Hostess gifts. We had 3 guest from the Silly Sassy Sisters group and 5 visitors from the Happy Hatters Red Hatters. Ann Breazzano won the door prize for having the most purple on, Ann Brown won for having the most red clothes and accessories on, Betty Eastmoor won for having the most lip sticks in her cosmetic bag and Lois Kiss for being married the most times. A great time was had by all.

On November 20th Linda Descheneaux, Nancy Adams, Nancy and Kelly Crosby are the hostesses at the Long Horn. On December 11th Colleen Wollam, Eleanor McGill and Mary Ann Kiser will be the hostesses. It will be a buffet for $17.00 at the Club House. Be sure to bring $17.00 in cash and a $15.00 Christmas gift if you want to receive one.

We still play Bunco on the last Monday of the month at the Club House. We had 6 tables last month. Judy Miller was the Big Winner. We have a Prayer Group and cards are sent out to those that need encouragement.

I have been the Queen of the Wedgefield Classy Red Hatters for 13 years. I have really enjoyed all of the activities and have gained lots of friendships and the camaraderie has been wonderful but at the end of this year I am stepping down as the Queen of the group and giving someone else a chance to step up to the plate. We have 4 members to every committee and I would suggest they pick a Queen for that luncheon. See you in all of the familiar places.

REMEMBER: Keep looking up, that is the secret of life.



Welcome New Red Hatter


Martha Cox joined us in August, she used to belong to a Red Hat group in Union Park but they disbanded. She lived on Dean Road for 19 years and then moved near Aloma Ave. and has been there for 4 years. She worked 20 years for Orlando Regional Medical Center but is now retired. She has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. She has a daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren that live in Wedgefield. She loves to play Bingo and especially loves to play Bunco at our club house. Her 2 daughters also play and enjoy it. Martha loves the Red Hatters and enjoys going out to lunch. She always dresses the part in her red hat and purple clothes.

We welcome her.


Submitted by Sylvia Cox.


Submitted by: Sylvia Cox

If you just moved to Wedgefield, we would love nothing more than to be able to share with you the history of our community.

In the 1980’s Charlie Jazko was President of the Wedgefield Homeowners Association followed by Larry Lanigan, Adair Tobergte and John Bessler. In the early 1980’s the name was changed from Cape Orlando to Wedgefield. Cary Linden was President for 4 years. He was in real estate so he could promote the neighborhood. There was a monthly newsletter (Magnifer) and an active HOA. There was a bike club, swim club, infant swimming lessons, baby sitting co-op, children & adult softball league, neighborhood watch, garden club, men & women’s golf league, volley ball & soccer games. There was a lighted tennis court and a swimming pool. The WHOA sponsored parties.

Every August Neighborhood Watch Program in the County sponsored “National
Night Out” and Wedgefield participated in the event several times. Everyone turned the porch lights on and several times the WHOA closed Maxim Pkwy and everyone brought covered dishes and their chairs and we had bar-b-que. Sheriff Lawson Lamar and McGruff, the Crime Prevention Dog would whirl in via helicopter and land at the Park. In 1982 a Neighborhood Watch Program was established due to one of our neighbors getting shot by a burglar, he was looking after a friend’s home while he was on vacation, saw a stray vehicle in front of the house, rode his golf cart down the street to check it out, he went inside, was shot but survived. The burglars are serving life sentences for the crime. Sheriff Lamar and NHW Coordinator Marian Hultgreen advised us to organize the Watch Program. The first meeting was held at Sylvia Cox’s home. There were only 60 homes here so it was easier to interest residents to become Block Captains. We met regularly for training with Corporal Hultgreen as well as for an occasional social event. In 1986 the Sheriff’s Dept. had a series of seminars on 6 Saturday mornings. Wedgefield had more residents attending than any other community and that year there was an Appreciation Banquet at the Rio Pinar Country Club and we were at the top of the list in the number of attendees. Back then there were no e-mails, texting or facebook.

If you know of anything that is interesting or exciting about the history of our community, please contact sylviathat@att.net


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Community Emergency Response Team



Wedgefield CERT was well represented at the annual “Hurricane Expo” on Saturday, June 6th at the Fairgrounds thanks to Cindy Bethoney, Howie Torres, Victor Alzona and Phil and Helen Unser. We were joined by a group from Apopka who had graduated in April. This year, the CERT booth was the first booth inside the doors so we had a crowd of people stop by for goodies (flashlights, whistles, band aid holders) and information.

We owe a big “Thank You” to Harwell “Quill” Quillian for constructing and hanging the doors on the shelves in the pavilion at the park. Thanks to him, much of our gear is now stored there under lock and key. This place was chosen because we will set up our command post in the park should we have a hurricane or other disaster.

We haven’t been given a start date for the next CERT training session so if anyone is interested in taking the course please contact Helen Unser at punser@cfl.rr.com. The course will take 3 hours a week for 6 to 8 weeks and will cover Light Search & Rescue, Light Fire Suppression, Medical Operations (assessment, treatment & hygiene), Disaster Operations (triage & treating life threatening injuries) and many other very useful skills.



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