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Wedgefield is a Friendly and Peaceful Golf, Equestrian Community located in Orlando Florida. The Beauty of Wedgefield is it's laid back environment where golf carts and horses are used for transportation almost as much as cars.

The Wedgefield community is diverse in both age and culture and offers a great atmosphere for enjoying the natural beauty and great weather of Central Florida.

We encourage you to visit Wedgefield and have lunch at the Club House and get to know some of the people that call Wedgefield Home.

Our Next General Meeting is on Wednesday, September 9th at 7:00 PM at the Wedgefield Golf and Country Club. NO General Meeting in the month of August.

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Boil Water Alert Rescinded

Dear Wedgefield Pluris Customers,


Pluris Wedgefield has completed the two consecutive days of bacteriological sampling as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and is pleased to announce that all sampling has passed therefore, the Precautionary Boil Water Advisory has been rescinded and is no longer in effect. Thank you for your cooperation.

Beverly Yopp
Director, Customer Care


Thank you,


Beverly Yopp

Director, Customer Care

Pluris Holdings LLC

O 813.359.8415    /    F 910.327.0374

O 1095 Hwy 210, Sneads Ferry,  NC  28460


Upcoming Community Events

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  Wedgefield Community Day



Wedgefield K8 School Groundbreaking  

 (7/7/2015, written by Pam DiMarzio, pameladimarzio@yahoo.com)


On the morning of Saturday, June 27, 2015 many residents, OCPS and county officials gathered at the school site for the official groundbreaking of our new community school.  Below are some bullet point facts on the school construction and approximate timeline.

- Total project cost is $34 million

- Going forward construction will be running 7 days a week and slated to end June 2016.

- School on schedule to open August 2016.

- The 52 acres school is sited at the corner of Bancroft and Ortega Blvd.

- It will be a total of 4 buildings (administration, two 2-story classroom and gym)

- School will primarily serve 1000 students currently attending Columbia ES and Corner Lake MS.

- The principal will be announced in Dec/Jan timeframe. The principal then engages the community on school name, mascot and colors.

- The principal will also start hiring staff at that time.

(Photo credit: Victor Alzona)

Click on Photo below to see all Photos

In Memoriam

Cecil Richard Davis Sr.

1942 – 2015


Cecil R. Davis passed away on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at the age of 72. Cecil was born and raised in Chiefland, Florida and became a lifelong resident of Ocala, Florida in 1965. Cecil was a US Army veteran. Since 1986, Cecil served as the General Manager of the Ranger Drainage District located in the Wedgefield Community of Central Florida. Cecil was a champion and best friend of our community and under his care and guidance the District infrastructure has been enhanced and completely rebuilt. Cecil maintained the highest levels of professionalism and has made Ranger Drainage District into one of the preeminent Special Districts in the State of Florida. Cecil was admired and respected by his staff and the governmental agencies he interacted with including the Army Corps of Engineers, St. John Water Management, Environmental Protection Agency and many Orange County Departments. His knowledge, support and friendship will be missed by all of us in Wedgefield.

Cecil R. Davis Memorial Page


My cat, Hezekiah, got out from the enclosure early this morning. He is about 12 lbs and answers to Hezekiah or Heze. He is a house cat so I really need to find him. He is neutered and is up-to-date on all his shots. Please contact Cassandra Wilds at 502-767-9972. My address is 2566 Ballard Avenue, 32833.

Thank you!




My husband picked up a dog after almost getting struck by a car on Dallas. 

Please call for where he is being cared for.

Thank you

Jen & Armando


Found dog on 3/5/2015
He appeared on Starry Street and now found his way to Somerset Street.

He is a very sweet dog.
Black - perhaps part shepherd
Has a small brown spot at the base of his body near his tail.
Didn’t want to risk him getting hit on Starry, Bancroft or Dallas so i have given him temporary shelter. I already have a dog and therefore cannot shelter him long term.
Please call us at 407-568-4420

Monthly Adopt-A-Tree

Saturday, August 15th  ~ 8am to 12pm

Barnet Park

4801 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808

For further information call 407-254-9200.

This is a FREE program for all Orange County citizens designed to encourage residents to add trees to our environment. Adding trees to the landscape has many long-term benefits. Along with the obvious advantages of shade and beauty, trees provide oxygen, filter pollution, and create habitats for wildlife. In addition, trees replenish our lost tree canopy that has diminished due to storm damage, age, and development. Each county resident must provide proof of residency and will receive up to two trees while supplies last.



Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Rules and Restrictions


Section 4.7 Signs

No signs of any type shall be displayed to public view on the Lots or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of the Association, except the following:

A. One "For Sale" sign or "For Rent" sign per Lot; provided the sign is no larger than two (2) feet by two (2) feet;

B. Political signs are permitted during election periods and must be removed immediately after the election;

C. Builder's signs for models and offices: and

D. Commercial Business signs on vehicles are permitted.


E. Garage Sale Signs, not to exceed three days and must be removed immediately after the event concludes


From the Orange County Code Enforcement Website

llegal Signs


“Private signs may never be placed within the public right-of-ways unless approved by Orange County. Signs may be removed without warning by County workers and those placing such signs are subject to fines. The county picks up over 100,000 signs each year.”


I will specify that the “Save Wedgefield” signs are not considered to be “political signs”.  If you are concerned about the presence of these signs, or any other illegally placed signs, be proactive and take some action.  If it’s your neighbor ask them to remove it.  Call Orange County Code Enforcement (407-836-3111) and report the violation and ask that the signs be removed.  If the signs are on private property call any of the WHOA Directors and report the address so we can take appropriate action.


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Neighborhood Classifieds


Pure safe and Beneficial health and wellness products

My name is Brieanne and I'm a consultant for Arbonne International- A health and wellness company with botanically based skin care cosmetics and nutrition products for the entire family. Arbonne is 100% vegan non toxic non GMO and delivers amazing results. For more information: 407-501-1863.

collectibles for sale

Ashley Security desk $150 Tiffany Lamp $75 Crystal Chandelier $175 Hammon organ $120. Assorted comic books sportscards collectibles and lots more. Please call Rosie if interested . 407 568-1805

Elisa's Cleaning/Housekeeping Service

Hi neighborhood! My name is Elisa and I have been a housekeeper for 20+ years. I am moving to my newly constructed home in Wedgefield in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact me at (201) 471-8384 and have your place shining like it's never been before! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Note from the President

Dear Friends & Neighbors,
I hope this message finds you and your family doing well. One thing that I believe is that change is one of the certainties of life and after years as quiet Wedgefield with little or nothing happening, well things they are a changing.

There are currently at least ten home builders with active construction in either or both the city and the estate sections of our community and several have more than one home underway.

The Ranger Drainage District has a couple of projects underway; the Lake 11A project on Seaview Street will be completed by May with properties having an attractive lake view. Also the storm water relief project from Abalone Blvd and Yam Street around the commercial property and down Macon Parkway will begin by the first week in April.

The Family Dollar Store project, at Maxim Parkway and State Road 520, will begin the third week of March and should be completed in about sixteen weeks. Also watch for a notice from Pluris of an informational meeting about some upcoming construction between the water plant
and Maxim Parkway.

The good news is it appears that our property values are on the rebound. Have a great month and come see us at the WHOA Meeting on April 8th at 7:00 pm in the Golf Clubhouse.    


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Bayanihan at Wedgefield

Bayanihan - a Filipino word meaning community spirit, cooperation and unity.

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.


We would like to invite you to the following Free Events to learn more about the diverse Asian & Pacific Cultures.


Wednesday, May 6th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm.


Orlando City Hall Rotunda - 400 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801.


Registration for Each Attendee is Required to Attend this Event. This is a FREE Event but due to security and limited space at the City Hall, registration is required to attend. Each person attending must register. If you have guests, you need to register each guest individually for security purposes.


Follow this LINK to RSVP.



Saturday, May 30th from 11 am - 4 pm

Orlando Fashion Square


3201 E Colonial Dr

Orlando, FL 32803


Enjoy cultural entertainment, arts, crafts and Asian Ethnic food featuring China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.




Read April - May Newsletter

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Neighborhood Watch

This Month Neighborhood Watch Information will continue to be published in an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters.


During the last half of JUNE to the present date of JULY 7, 2015 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports not yet reflected in the statistics we have had 7 auto burglaries TWO in the 25 to 2600 block of ABALONE, ONE in the 2200 Block of ABBEY, 3 in the 27-2800 block of LYNDSCAPE, one in the 2200 Block of BANCROFT and an estimated 6 more in the Estates that are not listed. Additionally, we had a total of 4 RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES. One in the 19000 block of LANSDOWNE, One in the 20900 Block of REYNOLDS, one in the 2700 Block of LYNDSCAPE and one in the 19200 block of ORTEGA. Unfortunately I did not receive calls on any of the reports so I have no additional information.

Occasionally we do have a spike in crime but 13 or more auto burglaries with no reported damage to the vehicles tells me they are not locked and there is NO EXCUSE for NOT LOCKING. All we are doing is training our next batch of felons. Regarding the residential burglaries, if you attended the JULY Wedgefield HOA Meeting we covered how to harden our homes to prevent residential burglaries.


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Citizens On Patrol

With summer ending and the start of school just around the corner, drivers need to do their part to keep kids safe as they walk, bike, or wait for the bus. Whether you are taking your kids to school or just driving through a school zone, you can do your part to keep kids safe.
August is designated as Back-to-School Safety Month, and we want to remind motorists to be extra careful at all times.


Here are some simple reminders for drivers:
Slow down and be especially alert in the residential neighborhoods and school zones

Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs

Enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully

Watch for children on and near the road in the morning and after school hours

Reduce any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings. Put down your phone and don’t talk or text while driving

Household Inventory Sheet


This month’s article will focus on preparing your documents for emergencies and for insurance purposes.


It is never a good time to have an emergency, but it may help you and your family if you are prepared for it. Now is a good time to take an inventory of your important documents and valuable property for insurance purposes and to help prepare for any emergencies that may occur during the year.

Important Documents that should be stored in a Safe deposit box, fireproof home storage are: Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Death certificates, Adoption and Custody papers, Citizenship papers, Divorce and Separation papers, Settlement agreements, Military papers, Wills, Advance directive (living will/durable power of attorney for health care), Passports, Social Security Card, Diplomas, Real property deeds, Title papers, Abstracts, Mortgage and other lien documents, Burial lot deed, Tax assessment notices, Purchase contracts, Records of capital improvements (include rental property), Motor vehicle titles, Motor vehicle purchase receipts and Motor vehicle licenses, Stocks, Bonds and Other securities, and Savings certificates. I would also suggest that you create digital copies of these documents and keep it in a thumb drive or USB flash drive as a backup. Keep the thumb drive / USB flash drive in a secure area not located in your home.


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Calling All Green Thumbs


The recent meeting of the Garden Club was on Thursday, July 2nd.  Jennifer Pellum came from the Orange County Extension Center to give us a program which was appropriate for this time of year.  She talked about colorful flowering plants which beat the heat through our hard summers.  She also brought cuttings of flowering plants that they grow at the Extension Center. Some of the plants she recommended was Vinca, Penta, Marigolds and Lantana. She pointed out the difference between annuals and perennials, annuals last about a year or a season, Perennials last longer, but still just a few years, versus forever. She also talked about propagation by cutting a stem and sticking it in the ground! Door prizes were provided, decorative planters with seed packages inside. So many were provided, most everyone was able to get one.


Our next meeting will be held on August 6th in the Club House meeting room, as usual. Dulce Rodrigues Is planning a program about xeriscaping, which means gardening without supplemental water. Xeriscaping is not about zeroscaping, it is a form of sustainable gardening where native plants are often used...  Wedgefield, has expensive water, we need to watch our water use. Come out and join us for this interesting program.

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Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month Program - Voting began in April, during the first week of the month. Judging will be done by 3 people on a criteria of the best yards viewed and voted on during the viewing time. A yard sign will be awarded to the winning yard. That sign will be picked up and presented to the next month's winner.




July Yard of the Month


We were pleasantly surprised to find a yard in July which still has many colorful flowers, even with our exceptionally hot summer.

The July winner of Yard of the Month goes to Hal and Julie Sutherland, at 20529 Quinn. They are fairly new residents to Wedgefield, having here from New Jersey in 3013. Hal’s rose garden is recovering from the deer having a banquet, but he is fighting back with a tonic of rotten eggs, garlic, and chili powder. So if you are having the same problem, give it a try, he says it is working great!

Julie has created beautiful flower beds using recycled planters which include Tiffany lamp shades, upside down chairs, birdbaths, a salvaged angle statue. Some of the flowers you will see in their yard will be Hibiscus, Impatiens, Pentas, Ixoria, Lantana, White lilies and Bird of Paradise. Many of their plants were purchased from Loews and Home Depot, in the down and out section for plants. But with lots of love and care, they are thriving, which shows, you don’t have o spend a fortune to have a beautiful yard.

There were quite a few beautiful yards in this section, so if you get a chance, drive by the following addresses and pick up some ideas. 20825 Quinn, 20168 Quarterly, 20169 Quinlian, and 20798 Racine.



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Firewise Communities


Summer storms bring much needed rain but also lightning. The majority of fires in our area are caused by lightning, followed by arson. Each year, thousands of acres of wildland and many homes are destroyed by fires that can erupt at any time of the year from a variety of causes including lightning, arson and debris burning. On Tuesday, June 23rd, there were two lightning strikes that caused approximately 10 acres to burn in the area of Sheldon Street and Bassett Avenue. Three homes are in that area however they were not damaged. Wil Kitchings, Forest Area Supervisor with the Florida Forest Service was on the scene and stated that their well manicured yards kept the fire away from the houses. They have defensible space that Firewise encourages all residents to have to protect their property. A mere 30 feet of green space could save your structures. During this fire, Florida Forest Service had three tractor-plows and an engine on site plus the Orange County Fire Rescue Department had several engines plus other equipment on the scene. They were able to contain the fire and kept it from spreading to other homes. Thank you to all of them for responding so quickly and protecting these properties. For more information on creating defensible (survivable) space on your property, visit www.firewise.org, visit our facebook page or email your questions to wedgefieldfirewise@gmail.com.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, August 13th, (1:30 PM) in the Ranger Drainage District conference room, we invite you to join us and consider being part of the team that encourages Wedgefield residents to take action to minimize home loss from wildfires.



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Lunch and Movie

Every Tuesday 10 to 14 girls meet at local restaurants and see the latest movies and some of us skip the movie and shop until we drop.

The restaurants we have enjoyed in June and July were Cheddars, Longhorn Steak House, California Pizza, Marlowe’s Tavern and Cuban Café. The movies we have seen were “Jurassic World”,” Inside Out”, “Spy”, “Magic Mike” and “Max”.

If you are interested in a group that is friendly and full of fun all you have to do is e-mail janetberglund@bellsouth.net or sylviathad@att.net.

REMEMBER: The world is your playground. Why are you not playing?


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Wedgefield Classy Red Hat Ladies


On June 19th 25 “Red Hatters” descended on “Kobe’s” restaurant. We try to wear red hats of any kind or a red flower or a red bow in our hair. Also we try to wear purple attire. If it is our birthday month we wear a purple hat or flower in our hair and red attire. It makes a lovely picture, real colorful with
all red and purple. Everyone stares and we get a lot of attention.

The hostesses were Lillie Douglass, Ruth Oliver, Martha Bradford and Helen Unser. We had three birthday girls; Isabella Asgill, Bea Christensen and Jackie Miner. They received birthday hats, beads, horns and the hostesses gave them bouquets of yellow roses to take home. The door prizes were won by Nancy Adams, Jackie Miner, Janice Thaw and Isabella Asgill. We had a delightful time. We had 3 tables with 3 chefs that entertained us. Everyone left Kobe’s with a martini glass with candy and a yellow rose.

On July 17th we are going to the new “Goodfellow’s”. They moved a few doors down and it is larger. We will have a private room. The employees love the “Red Hatters”!
On August 21 the “Classy Red Hat Ladies” will gather at “Cheddars”. The hostesses will be Joan Smith, Norma Hallberg, Terry Steinke and Marilyn Eagen. See you in all of the familiar places.

REMEMBER: The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of
everything, they just make the best of everything.



This beautiful Community has been in existence for 52 years. It has been call
“Rocket City” and “Cape Orlando”. I moved here 35 years ago. The President of the first Homeowners Association was Adair Toberste and the Vice President was Al Casino. At that time Bob Martinez was the Governor of Florida and Bill Nelson was our Congressman and Bob Graham was the Senator. Our State Legislator was Richard Crotty, our County Commissioner was Linda Chapin and the Orange County School Board Representative was Raymond Bassett.
There were 40 homes when I moved here. Wedgefield was called the “City of the
Future”. There are 10,000 acres, 87 miles of paved roads and 100 miles of canals.
We had a golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts at that time.

In 1987 we had 300 homes and our WHOA President was Cary Linden. He was also the Publisher of the “Magnifier” newsletter and his wife Alice was the Editor. Sylvia and Thad Cox, Jackie Finley and Joe DeVeault started a Neighborhood Watch due to a home robbery when one of the residents was shot in the throat. We installed “Neighborhood Watch” signs and Sheriff Lawson Lamar helped us
get organized. Deputy Marion Hultgreen was our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. We had 23 Neighborhood Watch Block Captains and we were very active. Wedgefield had more participants than any other community in the entire county, far out numbering folks from the Rio Pinar Community when we had our events.

Jackie Finley and Sylvia Cox started the Wedgefield Garden Club and we met in a building across the street. We had 42 members, men and women. We had speakers like Tom McCubbins and Dennis Parker. We had Valentine parties where everyone dressed in red and exchanged Valentine cards and St. Patrick’s Day parties, Easter parties and Teen parties for the teenagers with pizzas and coke and music for them. We had Christmas parties and one year went on a field trip on “Dancer’ on “Blitzer” to the Orlando Garden Club’s “Christmas Wonderland” with 17 decorated trees and Christmas crafts and baked goods.

This is a Great Community and we have always had activities out here. If you know some interesting things that you would like to share, e-mail sylviathat@att.net.


In Memory of Lynne Lilly

Colleen Wollam’s daughter Lynne moved to heaven on June 12th 2015. She had been in rehab for over a year. She tried hard to recover but God knows best. Lynne lived in Wedgefield for 30 years, first on Bastings Ave. and then on Majestic St. Her brother John and Colleen were dedicated to her and went to see her in the Florida Hospital almost every day. She has a sister Mary and Tom (her husband), 2 nieces; Lauren and Kristen from Lake Mary.

Lynne graduated from Molin High School in Molin, IL. in 1978. She graduated from Molin State University in Bowling Green, Ohio with a degree in Business Administration in 1982. She worked for Lockheed Martin Aerospace for years then went back to school, graduating from Valencia Community College with a degree in Computer Graphics. It takes 2 years to become a Graphic Designer; she made the logo for the Downtown Methodist Church. She adored animals, would bring home any stray dogs or cats. She loved working on a computer and always watched “Lucille Ball reruns.

Those that were close to her and know her will truly miss her.
Submitter by Sylvia Cox



DONNA POWERS is one of our new “Red Hatters”. She has been living in the Reserves in Wedgefield for 13 years, having moved from Mississippi. She has 2 children and 1 grandson. She was a school teacher for 25 years and is now retired. She loves the “Red Hatters”, belongs to the Lunch & Movie group; her hobbies are movies and reading. She loves to visit zoos and has been all over the country and always visits the zoo in each city. She loves cats and has a cat. We are very pleased that she is with our “Red Hatters” and our Lunch & Movie Group. Welcome Aboard - Sylvia


The “Huggable Red Hatters” belong to the “Red Hat Society”. There are 16 members. Joan Smith is the Queen and Jan Berglund is the Vice Queen and Sylvia Cox and Karl Ralston are on the Advisory Board. Joan Smith paid $39.00 to join the “Red Hat Society in California and all of the other 15 members paid $20.00 to join yearly so we are expected to wear red hats and purple attire and on our birthday month we wear our purple hats and red attire. Our “Classy Ladies” belonged when we first organized but then there are so many of us and we voted not to pay our dues to the “Red Hat Society” again. The “Hattitude” group also belongs to the California group and the “Silly Sassy Sister voted to just have a social group.

In May the “Huggables” enjoyed the “Parade” play at the Titusville Play House
and then we descended on “Durango’s” steak house in Titusville. On June 25th 14
of us enjoyed the “Lloyd Have Mercy” restaurant in the Sears shopping center. We had a private room and were able to play games. The hostesses were Betty Eastmoore and Sylvia Cox. The tables were decorated with 4th of July decorations. Everyone left with a mini flag and red, white & blue candles. The door prizes were won by Adelaide Catania and Barbie Crews.

On July 28th the “Huggables” will be boarding the “Barbara Lee Riverboat; we will
be cruising the a scenic views of the St. John’s River with live entertainment. So
far we have 25 people that are interested in this boat ride. There will be Prime
Rib or Salmon; it is a 3 hour cruise and the cost is $45.03.

In August we are heading to the “Tea World” in Titusville. There will be 100 teas from all over the world, mini sandwiches and mini desserts. It will cost $12.00 with chicken salad, egg salad on a croissant and etc. See you soon - Sylvia

REMEMBER: You are never too old to do goofy stuff!


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Community Emergency Response Team



Wedgefield CERT was well represented at the annual “Hurricane Expo” on Saturday, June 6th at the Fairgrounds thanks to Cindy Bethoney, Howie Torres, Victor Alzona and Phil and Helen Unser. We were joined by a group from Apopka who had graduated in April. This year, the CERT booth was the first booth inside the doors so we had a crowd of people stop by for goodies (flashlights, whistles, band aid holders) and information.

We owe a big “Thank You” to Harwell “Quill” Quillian for constructing and hanging the doors on the shelves in the pavilion at the park. Thanks to him, much of our gear is now stored there under lock and key. This place was chosen because we will set up our command post in the park should we have a hurricane or other disaster.

We haven’t been given a start date for the next CERT training session so if anyone is interested in taking the course please contact Helen Unser at punser@cfl.rr.com. The course will take 3 hours a week for 6 to 8 weeks and will cover Light Search & Rescue, Light Fire Suppression, Medical Operations (assessment, treatment & hygiene), Disaster Operations (triage & treating life threatening injuries) and many other very useful skills.



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