Welcome to the Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Wedgefield is a Friendly and Peaceful Golf, Equestrian Community located in Orlando Florida. The Beauty of Wedgefield is it's laid back environment where golf carts and horses are used for transportation almost as much as cars.

The Wedgefield community is diverse in both age and culture and offers a great atmosphere for enjoying the natural beauty and great weather of Central Florida.

We encourage you to visit Wedgefield and have lunch at the Club House and get to know some of the people that call Wedgefield Home.

Our Next General Meeting is on Wednesday, February 11th at 7:00 PM at the Wedgefield Golf and Country Club.

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Wedgefield's Annual


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February 21, 2015




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Wedgefield Homeowners Association

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Wedgefield Homeowners Association

Rules and Restrictions


Section 4.7 Signs

No signs of any type shall be displayed to public view on the Lots or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of the Association, except the following:

A. One "For Sale" sign or "For Rent" sign per Lot; provided the sign is no larger than two (2) feet by two (2) feet;

B. Political signs are permitted during election periods and must be removed immediately after the election;

C. Builder's signs for models and offices: and

D. Commercial Business signs on vehicles are permitted.


E. Garage Sale Signs, not to exceed three days and must be removed immediately after the event concludes


From the Orange County Code Enforcement Website

llegal Signs


“Private signs may never be placed within the public right-of-ways unless approved by Orange County. Signs may be removed without warning by County workers and those placing such signs are subject to fines. The county picks up over 100,000 signs each year.”


I will specify that the “Save Wedgefield” signs are not considered to be “political signs”.  If you are concerned about the presence of these signs, or any other illegally placed signs, be proactive and take some action.  If it’s your neighbor ask them to remove it.  Call Orange County Code Enforcement (407-836-3111) and report the violation and ask that the signs be removed.  If the signs are on private property call any of the WHOA Directors and report the address so we can take appropriate action.


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Neighborhood Classifieds



Furniture Security Desk Curio Cabinet Appliances Lamps Housewares Depression Glasses Sportscards Comics Vintage comics Parrot cage Bird Cage Toys Collectible Barbie Dolls AND LOTS MORE. Please call KATHY at (407)568-1805. Prices are Negotiable and package deal.

Two well behaved male collarless pit bulls

At approximately 1 AM Saturday morning (Dec 6) we came across two male pit bulls. Well behaved and playful. If your looking they are at 2258 Baker. You can contact me at 954-598-4332. They were fed and out I the elements. Please contact ASAP. we don't want to turn them in cause of breed and stigma.

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Lost and Found


LOST indoor/outdoor cat

Name: Little Man
Fixed male
Domestic short hair
Medium/slim build
Solid grey (no tiger stripes) with solid white splotches & white tip on his tail
13 years old
Very friendly & sweet, but a little shy
Wearing collar & tags

Juliet Goodman
20180 Paddock St

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Bayanihan at Wedgefield

We would like to thank everyone who participated with our events during 2014 and we wish you and your family a blessed and healthy New Year.


Christmas Party Appreciation Letter


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Neighborhood Watch

During the last half of NOVEMBER to the present date of DECEMBER 15, 2014 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports not yet reflected in the statistics there has been 1 RESIDENTIAL burglary, on Starry Street  in the 19500 block. Additionally, we had 2 auto burglaries, one in the 19,400 block of PEABODY ST and one in the 19,900 Block of QUINELLA ST.


One residential burglary and a couple vehicle burglaries do not make a crime wave but they are TOO MANY especially if the vehicles were not locked. Often residents feel that they do not need to lock vehicles that are several feet off the roadway in a private yard. The same recommendations apply in the Estates as they do in the city “LOCK YOUR VEHICLES”. I received a call on one of the auto burglaries and several items were taken that had the owner done as we have recommended the loss would have been less. Again that advice is “Bag it”. Put those things of value in a bag and take it into work or at home to eliminate the opportunity of a theft.


Changing the subject, this is really the time of year to look back and be thankful that we live in this GREAT COMMUNITY called WEDGEFIELD. It is one where neighbors look out for each other and as a result crime is kept to a minimum in comparison with our neighbors to the West of us. Also this is because of community involvement in Neighborhood Watch, the C.O.P. program, and the excellent support we get from Orange County Deputies, the Sheriff himself and of course our County Commissioner Ted Edwards. Special thanks go to our Home Owners Association for their support of our crime watch program and the financial support of our youth programs. Ranger Drainage, not to be missed is also thanked for their immediate response to safety items that have occurred often after hours or on weekends, response that prevented accidents from occurring. Again, it is GREAT to LIVE in WEDGEFIELD.


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Citizens On Patrol


·         • The safety and security of our guests is our primary concern.
• Please be aware that electronics are target items for theft.
• Do not leave valuables purchases unattended in your vehicle, even for a short period of time.
Lock all doors.
• The trunk of your vehicle is not a safe place to store valuables.
• Be mindful of your surroundings.
• If you feel unsafe at any time please contact your local law enforcement agency by dialing 911.

Since its inception in 1998, Tow to Go has safely removed more than 20,000 intoxicated drivers from the roads. The service is designed to be used as a last resort. It is offered based on availability of AAA Service Technicians and tow trucks during times of high call volume.


For Tow to Go service, please call the number provided below for your service area.


Tow to Go Service Area(s)                                 Phone Number

FL                                                            (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246


· Confidential local ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe location

· Service is provided in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee

· Free and available to both AAA members and non-members

· The AAA tow truck takes the vehicle and the driver home


The Auto Club Group and Bud Light provide the Tow to Go service to discourage an intoxicated driver from getting behind the wheel and risking the lives and safety of other motorists. Not only does Tow to Go remove the intoxicated driver—it also enables AAA and Bud Light to remind the public to always choose a designated driver for a safe ride home.


2014 Tow to Go Holiday Schedule


Holidays Date of Holiday(s) Days Tow to Go is Provided

Christmas / New Years


December 24th (Wednesday)

December 31st (Wednesday)

December 24th through 6 am on January 1st


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Calling All Green Thumbs


Our Green Thumb Garden Club meeting was held on Thursday November 6th. Our hostess was Martha Bradford. Martha contacted the Orange County extension center for Jennifer Pelham to do a program on Holiday Plants. Dulce Rodrigues told the meeting about the Garden Club organizational meeting, held recently. We elected a new leader, Lee Breedlove, who will begin serving at the January meeting.


Plants that were presented by Jennifer were, Poinsettia’s, Christmas cactus, Stromanthe Triostar, and Ornamental Peppers. She also discussed Kalanchoe and the Desert Rose, a succulent from Africa. She told us that the Poinsettia was named for the person who brought the plant to America, Joel Poinsett. She had a slide show to complement her program. Martha brought several holiday plants to give out.


December 11th we will meet at the home of Adelaide Catania. We will bring a dish to share and a gift which is garden related. If you plan to attend, please call Adelaide to RSVP, 407-568-0282. The Green Thumb Christmas party will start at 11:00, Thursday the 11th. See you there!


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Yard of the Month


Yard of the Month Program - Voting began in April, during the first week of the month. Judging will be done by 3 people on a criteria of the best yards viewed and voted on during the viewing time. A yard sign will be awarded to the winning yard. That sign will be picked up and presented to the next month's winner.


November Yard of the Month


Green Thumb Garden Club Judges this month, were Rosemary Wolfe, Jackie Miner, and Lee Breedlove. The area to be judged was Macon Pkwy to Maxim Pkwy and 520 to Bancroft. The yard that was chosen for Yard of the Month was at 2365 Archer Blvd. Owners, Jackie Finley Carter and her husband Don. She is a School teacher and Don is retired. Jackie has lived in Wedgefield since 1975! Judges noted a nice Elm tree, and an Oak tree, Crape Myrtle, Red Trumpet vine, coleus, Bird of Paradise. There was also Pinta, Jatropha’s, Texas sage, and varieties of Lilies. The back yard is just as beautiful as the front yard.


Other yard’s the judges took favorable notice were 20208 Marlin, 2255 Bagdad and 2221 Amberly. Thanks to all the homeowners who take care of their properties! This is the last Yard of the Month until after winter. When spring arrives, remember the Yard of the Month will be out again!



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Firewise Communities


Please remember with the shortage of rain in this area that an abundance of fuel is being created and  a simple spark could start a fire.  Things like the careless toss of a match or cigarette, parking on the grass, or a spark from a grill could start a fire that could move quickly around your home.  Please be careful.
We hope everyone enjoyed the Open House at the Fire Station with Santa on December 13th.  There was a good turn out to meet the firemen and Santa.  Thank you to everyone who donated cookies and helped make the event a success.
Our next event is the Annual Car Show and Chili Cook Off,  currently scheduled for  Saturday,  February 21st.  We are still working out the details.  If you would like to help or participate, please send an email to wedgefieldfirewise@gmail.com or call Mary at 407-273-6933.  We will need assistance in setting up, directing traffic and show cars, and selling raffle tickets, t-shirts and wrist bands.   Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  Mark your calendar and don't miss this great annual event.
Thank you Wedgefield residents for your support.  Mary Prescott, Chair.


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Lunch and Movie


Our Group meets every Tuesday for a delicious lunch and an enjoyable movie. The restaurants we enjoyed are: “Longhorn”, “Bahama Breeze”, “Appleby’s” and “Olive Garden”.


The movies we have seen are “Hunger Games”, “Beyond the Lights”, “Horrible Bosses” and “The Big Hero”.


If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact Jan Berglund (407) 568-3313 or Sylvia Cox (407) 568-2410.


REMEMBER: When you go to bed, give your troubles to God. He is up all night anyway.

Wedgefield Classy Red Hat Ladies


On November 21st there were 29 “Red Hatters” at Romano’s Macaroni Grill”. The hostesses were Eleanor McGill, Colleen Wollam, Carol Crosby and Mary Ann Kiser. Everyone got a sack of candy to take home and the winners of the door prizes were Jackie Miner, Bea Christensen, Marty Fioramanti and Rosemary Wolfe. Our visitors were Charlotte Burgess, Rosemary Curtis and Donna Powers. We had 6 Birthday Gals. Each received a birthday hat and a horn. We sang “Happy Birthday” to them. The birthday girls were: Nancy Adams, Dottie Kaiser, Nancy Runyan, Nancy Stickrod and Helen Unser.


On December 12th the “Red Hatter” will head to “Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club for a buffet. The hostesses are Linda Descheneaux, Kelly Crosby, Nancy Crosby and Nancy Adams.

The “Huggable Red Hatters” enjoyed “Grandpa’s Steak House” in October. In November we enjoyed “Lone Cabbage” where we had Catfish, Frog Legs and Gator Meat. A few of us were going to ride the airboats but it was a cold and rainy day but we had a great time. The hostesses were Betty Eastmoore and Sylvia Cox. They furnished the door prizes. There was 10 of us and we sat outside and enjoyed the view.


On December 19th, 30 of us will be heading to “Dixie Crossroads” and we will be entertained by eight women who call themselves the “Bed Pan Band”. They will sing and dance for us. Everyone is bringing a gift to exchange. In November we went to a play and dined at “Shiloh’s”.


On the 14th of December 6 “Red Hatters” have tickets to see the “Christmas Story” at the Titusville Playhouse and then plan to dine at “Cracker Jack’s on the Indian River in Titusville.


See you in all the familiar places. Sylvia


REMEMBER: What I love about “Red Hatters” is that this group keeps reminding me that everything is connected. Somehow, someway, it all fits together. I find comfort in this idea.



Rosemary Curtis enjoyed her 1st “Red Hat” luncheon at Macaroni Grill; she is now one of us. She has been living in Wedgefield for 4 years. She retired from the Federal Government with the Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Richard and Rosemary moved from Merritt Island and love it here. She and her husband have started their own business “”Compass Rose Travel Agency” and work from home. She belongs to our Bunco Club and the “Green Thumb Garden Club”. They have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. A perfect day for Rosemary would be hanging out with her grandchildren. Welcome to our group!

Adelaide Catania joined our “Red Hatters” in September. She and Charlie have been living here for 3 ½ years. They hail from Michigan where they lived for 37 years. They have 2 children: one is a Lawyer and the other is a Police Officer. Her hobbies are baking, cooking and gardening. She loves to go out for dinner. She plays Bunco and also belongs to the “Green Thumb Garden Club”. We have had our garden club Christmas parties at her home for 2 years. We welcome you!

REMEMBER: We are retired and on a long coffee break.

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Community Emergency Response Team


CERT Training

On Saturday October 11th, 21 members of the Wedgefield CERT group met with Mr. Jack Tracy of the Florida Health Department who is in charge of the Orange County Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP). Mr. Tracy introduced the team to Mr. Jim Mauney and his wife Kim. Mr. Mauney is a Professional Trainer who has trained Firemen, Law Enforcement Personnel as well as numerous CERT groups and Kim is a Certified EMT who is currently employed by the Corrections Department.

Mr. Mauney went into detail about the various parts of a NEPP and CERT components from the Incident Command thru the teams in the field and how they all blend together. He led the attendees through a simulated tornado in Wedgefield in a table top exercise and then explained how good record keeping is extremely helpful to the Fire Department personnel and other professional responders. He put the attendees through some very interesting team building exercises and worked on radio communication procedures.

The entire day was interesting, informative and motivating. This is just one more part of the training that the volunteers do so that they are ready to help their neighbors and the other residents of Wedgefield in the event of a disaster.


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